MorningStar University FAQ

How does the program work?

MorningStar University has two colleges: The College of Leadership and the College of Theology.

The College of Theology is an accredited program granting Associates, Bachelors, Masters, and Doctoral degrees.

The College of Leadership is a leadership training program that includes two optional specialties of study:

Special Forces (an advanced outdoor leadership program)
Worship Arts

All College of Leadership students attend the same core leadership courses in the mornings and then attend classes based on their specialty in the afternoon. The core leadership program is a stand-alone program that students may attend without choosing one of the specialties.


Is MSU a full-time or part-time program?

MSU is a full-time program with twelve hours of core classes per week. Classes run Tuesday through Friday; there are no classes on Monday. Occasionally throughout the year, the schedule may include events on Friday nights and on some weekends.


How many students are in the MSU program?

Due to our leadership focus and our desire to connect with our students, we endeavor to limit our class size to fifty students per school. The Special Forces program aims to keep the class size even smaller, and selection is based on several factors.


What is the class schedule like?

MSU operates on a monthly schedule, with classes running Tuesday through Friday. The first three weeks of each month are a combination of core leadership classes and classes specific to your specialty. The fourth week of each month is an experiential week devoted entirely to classes within your specialty.


How much does the school cost?

College of Leadership tuition amounts vary based on your specialty of choice. See our Tuition & Fees page for specific price breakdowns.


Do you have any tuition payment plans available?

Yes, contact the MSU office and we will be happy to work with you on a payment plan.


Are there any other costs I should know about?

In the MSU College of Leadership, there are opportunities throughout the year and during the summer to attend optional ministry trips in the USA and overseas. Trip costs vary and are announced during the school year.


Are meal plans available?

MSU does not offer meal plans. Breakfast and lunch are available to purchase on campus at the Missions Café where MSU students receive a substantial discount.


Is student housing available on campus?

Yes, bunk housing is available on the MorningStar campus for MSU students. Hotel rooms in the H.I.M. Conference Center are also available. All housing is handled through the H.I.M. Conference Center, not through the MSU office.
To reserve accommodation, contact Deborah Gill at
(803) 802-5544 or


When can I move in?

Student housing is available for move-in beginning Friday, August 18.


When is Orientation?

Orientation for the 2017-2018 school year begins on Tuesday, August 22. Additional details will be available in your welcome package.



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